JD and his team have been great to work with! They have helped me with personal projects as well as client projects and for repairs on rentals we manage. On the night before thanksgiving at around 8pm, after not seeing JD for awhile, JD and one of his guys saw me trying to load up a refrigerator at Lowes by myself. I was taking the fridge to a rental that had an emergency call that the fridge went up thanksgiving eve. When they found out I was going to try to replace the fridge on my own, they stoped to help me load the fridge on a trailer then insisted to follow me to the house to help put the fridge in the house and remove the old one. I’m very thankful they did because the door had to be taken off to get the fridge in the house and the water to the ice maker had to be shut off under the house and I didn’t have the tools or ability to do it all on my own. I would recommend JD for any of your repair, renovation or maintenance needs.